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October 20, 2005:
Are Natural Gas Logs on the Way Out? According to Carl P. Herkes of Glass Flames, the answer is "Yes". If you want to know why, read on.


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No soot or dirt
Easy installation
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No popping
No mess, ever
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Lasts a lifetime
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Glass Flames - A Division of Exotic Flames

A mesmerizing fire in your fireplace or fire pit has always been relaxing and enjoyable. Now there is a refreshing and affordable alternative to wood or gas logs. Now you can enjoy a truly mesmerizing fire by Aquatic Glassel in your own home or backyard. This revolutionary product was once only affordable for celebrities, but is now affordable for everyone. is proud to introduce Aquatic Glassel, custom fireplace glass. The glass is specially designed to be used in fully vented, solid fuel-burning fireplaces that are equipped with a gas outlet, so there's no need to worry about having a "special" fireplace.

Has anyone ever said to you, "Nice Logs"?     No, I don't think so...

One of the best features of Aquatic Glassel versus GAS LOGS is the way it radiates heat into your room. Everyone wants to get the most out of their gas fireplace this year. Aquatic Glassel allows you to do just that. You get it all with Aquatic Glassel in your fireplace. You get rid of the mess from your Gas Fireplace Logs while heating your room instead of only your chimney!

The testimonials keep rolling in...

I'm happy to pass along info on your product and services b/c we are so pleased with both. If you have brochures we'd be happy to distribute those and I'll give your info to the bar staff to hand out as people request it. I've given it out already to a couple people. -Hyatt Regency, Sacramento

Hi - I love your product!! I work for a builder in MA, we are in the process of finishing up a contemporary penthouse unit. This unit has a massive room with fireplaces on each end - these flames would be perfect...

Thank you very much for your generosity! We love the fireplace. I'm sure Penny has told you how incredibly well your product was received during the tour! Can't wait to send business your way! Fondly, Matt and Cathy - Manhattan Beach, CA

Thank you, I really appreciate you looking into this for me. I have already told others about your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again. Jeff - Alpine, CA

Thank you for the follow up and the great service. The installation went smoothly and the result is better than I expected. Bring on the cold weather! I'll spread the word. Dan - San Diego, CA

So, all went well and we are very happy with our new fireplace. Thank you again for making me feel like I was your only customer. Your quick responses and answers to my questions landed you my order. Take care. Patricia, Vancouver, WA

My project went very well, and the fire pit is re-built and looks beautiful. I have had many compliments about the Fire On Ice, effect. Thank you for your assistance, and the credit. I attached a photo....... Frank - Mission Viejo, CA

Costs less than you might think

Use the Aquatic Glassel specialty glass in your new custom fire pit and enjoy the evening brilliance. Cozy up to your inviting new custom fire pit and marvel in its beauty. Easy to assemble, easy to clean... there's no better way to build a custom fire pit than with the Aquatic Glassel specialty glass by The cost of the glass for an average size fireplace ranges between $200 and $400. Order yours today!

See the amazing transformation

Installation is simple, fast and rewarding. Take a look at our installation checklist to find out what you need. Most people install this product themselves and there have been no reports of failure. The hardest part is deciding what color glass you want for your fireplace or fire pit. You will enjoy years of beauty with little to no maintenance.

The purpose of the different types of glass

Before you browse the products, we want to make sure you get you off on the right foot. Below, we clarify how each type of glass is used:

I want it in my fireplace. What do I need to do?

I want it in my fire pit. What do I need to do?